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All You Need To Know About Taps

Our Guide to Bathroom Taps 

Choosing your bathroom taps is very important when building your dream bathroom. Although it’s a small detail, the right taps will create a lasting impression and allow your bathroom to function properly. With so many choices available, choosing the correct taps can be tricky. It can be dependent on your fixture type, water pressure and how you like to control your water temperature. Another thing to consider is your décor, as different tap designs are suited to traditional and modern bathrooms. We also recommend coordinating your basin and bath taps for a cohesive look.  

Not sure where to start? Our guide will tell you all you need to know about choosing your bathroom taps! 

Basin Taps 

We will explore our different basin tap options in more detail to help you make the right decision for your bathroom requirements. 

Mono Mixer Taps 

The most common form of basin tap, mono mixer taps mix your hot and cold water into one steady stream. They are specially designed for basins with one pre-drilled tap hole. Despite their minimalist design, mono mixer taps are available in a wide range of styles and colours. They also come in different sizes, so if you add a smaller basin to a cloakroom, you can buy a mini mixer to match. 

When choosing a mono mixer tap, consider your water system's minimum operating pressure. If you've got a low-pressure system, you'll need a mixer tap that works with low-pressure water flow. Installing a high-pressure tap for a low-pressure system will result in a low flow rate, disappointing functionality or no functionality at all. Don’t fret - we offer mixer taps designed to work with a range of pressure systems! 


Pillar Basin Taps 

These classic taps are usually found in traditional bathrooms – you may have had a pair of these beauties in your childhood home! Since they have separate hot and cold taps, they provide excellent control when achieving your desired water temperature. Our pillar basin taps come in traditional and modern styles, with finishes ranging from chrome to vintage gold. Bear in mind that these taps will require two tap holes. 


Wall Mounted Basin Mixers 

Wall-mounted basin mixers will add a touch of luxury to your bathroom for that high-end hotel feel. They are perfect for modern and minimalist bathrooms, although they can come in traditional styles too. Our wall-mounted basin taps are available in a range of designs including round, square and cross handled options. Just keep in mind that all these mixers require a high-pressure water system. 

A practical benefit of wall-mounted basin taps is the hassle-free maintenance. With no tap base fixed to your basin, it will be easier to keep it clean, hygienic and clutter-free.  

Since wall-mounted basin mixers require no tap holes, it allows you to be more creative with your tap layout; just make sure you place them in a practical location close to the basin. You also need a void in the wall to hold the body of the tap. Alternatively, we can customise furniture from our Josef Martin range so that your pipes can be concealed by an upstand. 


Tall Basin Mixers 

Need the perfect statement for your contemporary bathroom? Go for a tall basin mixer! These striking taps are perfect for use with a countertop basin. They come in a wide variety of incredibly stylish designs, so there is something to complement both traditional and modern spaces. As always, be wary of your water pressure; as water has to travel further in a tall tap, it requires higher pressure to work effectively. 


Bath Taps 

Often, the type of bath tap you choose will depend on the style of tub you have in your bathroom. For example, our freestanding baths cannot be drilled for taps, which removes the option for a deck-mounted tap. Your bathroom design might also be geared towards one type of tap over another, due to plumbing or space limitations. Not sure which bath tap is best? Here are some of the most popular bath taps in homes today. 


Freestanding Bath Taps 

These glamorous taps will make the ultimate statement in your bathroom! Fixed to the floor, they are the perfect tap for a freestanding bath. If your plumbing allows, they allow you to place your bath in the centre of the room for a stunning centrepiece. Our freestanding bath taps come in a range of different designs for modern and period-style bathrooms - some even come with a handheld shower attachment. Freestanding bath taps usually require a pressurised system of 1 bar pressure or above, so check your water pressure requirements before making your choice. 


Deck Mounted Taps 

Deck-mounted taps are fixed to the surface of the bath. They are the most common bath tap in the UK & Ireland as they conceal all pipework either behind or underneath the bath, and they do not require specialist plumbing. They are also highly versatile as they can be positioned at the end or in the middle of a bath, depending on your style of tub. They are suitable for almost any water pressure system, with many of our taps operating from 0.2bar pressure 

Deck-mounted bath taps are usually regarded as a more traditional tap. However, our range offers modern options too. You can also choose from a variety of luxurious finishes from brass to polished chrome or black. 


Wall Mounted Bath Taps 

These bath taps are a popular choice for minimalist bathrooms. They hide all pipework and plumbing behind your tiles, which is ideal for conserving space around your bath while adding an attractive design element to your bathroom. At Bathshack, we offer an extensive range of wall-mounted options, from filler taps to thermostatic taps with a luxurious shower attachment. Note that wall-mounted taps will need a pressurised water system. 


Ready to transform your bathroom with some stunning and practical taps? Browse our full range online today for delivery all over the UK & Ireland. Alternatively, you can book an appointment for one of our showrooms on the island of Ireland to view a range of our taps up close. Our amazing team will be on hand to assist with any queries you have!