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Floral tile inspiration

With nature-inspired décor a continuing trend in bathrooms, the floral tile is another element of this – and can be embraced in a variety of ways. And – while you might initially assume that floral designs are always bold and bright, they can in fact be ideal for introducing a calm and relaxing ambience in your home, with many more muted and subtle styles available.

If you’re intrigued and want to find out more about how to incorporate floral designs into your bathroom – and what’s available – then read to the end of the blog for inspiration …

Flower features on tiles

While some floral tiles can be more abstract and subtle with their design, the first style which usually springs to mind is one which clearly features distinct flowers and foliage.

For example, the Hibiscus Oxide Matt Hexagon Tile is a hexagonal-shaped tile with a colourful floral design which mixes natural, earthy tones with accents of vibrant yellow in the hibiscus flowers as a contrast to their white petals. The overall effect is one which is brightening but not too bold, so even if you aren’t a fan of very colourful tiles, these have just enough pigment to be eye-catching without being overpowering.

The hexagonal shape also gives them added interest and character, while the floral pattern differs across the tiles, so they can be laid in a variety of ways, depending on what look you want. Some of the tiles subsequently feature more flowers, while others depict leaves or have a plainer pattern.

The hibiscus flower itself also has a delicate, elegant appearance, which gives these tiles a more sophisticated look, while the matt finish delivers a modern aesthetic.

The Hibiscus Oxide Matt Hexagon Tile.

Abstract floral designs

For a twist on the traditional floral design, however, something like the Orla Grafito Decor Ceramic Wall Tile adopts a different approach, featuring a more abstract design and making the floral motifs geometric in form. The result is a stylish, contemporary tile which will draw the eye with these quirkier visuals.

The Orla Grafito Décor Tiles.

Grey – a very calming tone which goes well with a range of décor – is also an inspiring choice for the colour palette, as these tiles subsequently don’t depict flowers in their natural shades.

The Orla Grafito Décor Tiles are completely grey, with alternating darker and lighter shades across the designs which add depth to the tiles. Together with the patterning and abstract style of this, the overall effect is a stylish tile which creates a lot of visual interest with the varying pattern and that intricate, artistic design.

These Spanish wall tiles are also very robust and come in other variations, with solid colour wall tiles and matching floor tiles also available, so you can mix and match the styles as you wish.

The Orla Grafito Décor Tiles have a grey colour palette and alternating abstract floral design.

The Mijas Celeste Pattern tiles, meanwhile, have a simple white petal-inspired pattern set against a pale blue background – yet another take on the floral tile aesthetic. With a modern matt finish, this striking patterned tile offers a subtle way to incorporate the floral aesthetic into your room and can be used on both walls and floors.

The matt surface also gives it a more modern look, while the colour palette has a cool, calming effect which is perfect for bathrooms.

The Mijas Celeste Pattern Tiles has a subtle petal-inspired design.

The Danubio Pattern Tile presents another creative option for the floral aesthetic, featuring a bold array of colours with a combination of patterns – some floral-inspired and others in contrast to these. This large-format square floor tile has a contemporary look and will add instant character and vibrancy to your interior. Meanwhile, because it features a variety of shades, you can pick out your preferred tones to colour-match or contrast as you wish with décor elsewhere in the room.

These bestselling tiles subsequently mix abstract floral motifs with a variety of geometric designs to create a layered, interesting patterned tile combination which will make a statement out of your floor for all the right reasons.

The Danubio Pattern Tile has a vibrant colour palette and eclectic patterned design.

Find your floral tiles at Tileshack

If we’ve suitably inspired you to try the floral aesthetic in your home, then be sure to check out our full range of tiling at Tileshack online. Our team is always happy to help you with any questions you might have and we can also offer advice on what to pair your floral tiles with, if you need help with that.

No matter what you’re looking for, we have plenty of styles, patterns and sizes of tiles to help you find the perfect look for your interior.

If you’d like some advice on choosing floral tiles for your new home, just drop into one of our showrooms and chat to our team. Alternatively, email us at, call (028) 9077 0188 or use our online chat.