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Focus on: stone-effect tiling

With the natural aesthetic still a strong trend as we move through 2024, a great way to include this within your home is with stone-effect tiles. From those with a concrete-inspired look, to more distressed rustic and brickwork styles, there are a range of ways to interpret the stone theme.

With this in mind, read to the end of the blog for more information on how to incorporate stone-effect tiling into your interiors and discover some of our recommended styles.

Stone-effect tiling is a more cost-effective way to get the authentic stone look for less.

What are stone-effect tiles?

Simply put, stone-effect tiling mimics the appearance of natural stone, giving you the authentic stone look while also delivering the benefits that come with tiles. Depending on the type you choose, these can be made from porcelain, ceramic or other materials, but all with the stone aesthetic.

Key advantages of stone-effect tiling include:

  • More affordable: Natural stone is more expensive, which isn’t ideal if you’re on a budget, while the beauty of stone-effect tiling is that it gives you the authentic look of real stone without the high price tag.
  • Durability: Whether they’re made from porcelain or ceramic stone-effect tiles are more robust and easier to maintain than natural stone, as well as being scratch and stain-resistant. Porcelain tiles in particular are well known for their non-porous feature, which is ideal for humid environments like bathrooms. They also don’t crack or damage easily, unlike real stone and are ideal for using in high-traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and hallways.
  • More variety: Available in a wide range of colours, finishes, shapes and sizes, stone-effect tiles are much more versatile than real stone and give you the chance to be more creative with your décor.
  • More cohesive aesthetic: While natural stone can vary in colour and other visual detail, with tiles you can opt for a more uniform look, which is ideal if you want a cohesive style.
  • Easy installation: Real stone is much heavier than tiling and requires more effort to fit than tiles, which tend to be lighter in weight and more consistent in size and shape, making them easier to lay. Again, this can also save you time and money, if you opt for stone-effect tiles over real stone.
  • Compatible with underfloor heating: Stone-effect tiles are often compatible with underfloor heating systems, providing added comfort in colder climates.

Distressed stone-style tiles

The Stonehenge Grey Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile is a large-format rectangular tile with unrefined speckles and veining details which evoke the look of real stone. The modern matt finish further adds to this aesthetic while the porcelain material ensures that this is a tile which is hard-wearing and perfect for high-traffic areas. Suitable for using as both a wall and floor tile, the Stonehenge Porcelain Tile has a distressed grey tone which again is reminiscent of natural stone and will complement a wide range of décor, as this is a very versatile colour.

The large rectangular size of these tiles meants that, when laid, they also hve a brick-like appearance, which adds to the overall stone effect.

Earthy stone-effect tiles

Another stone-effect tile with a more compact shape is the Danbury Relieve Natural Matt Rectified Porcelain Tile, a large rectangular wall and floor tile which features smaller square designs to provide a more visually interesting look. With a warm sandy tone and authentic speckling, these tiles have that natural stone aesthetic while the rectified edges mean they can be laid more closely together for a cohesive, flowing look.

The Danbury also has a modern matt finish which once again, contributes to the real stone-effect aesthetic, adding texture.

The porcelain material, meanwhile, makes this a hard-wearing tile which is perfect for busy bathrooms while it’s also scratch and stain-resistant, for added convenience. The colour palette will further work well with a range of décor, making it a very versatile choice for your home.

Concrete-effect tiling

If you prefer something with a more industrial/urban aesthetic, however, then concrete-effect is ideal. With a large-format size and that distinctive concrete-grey appearance, the Reprise Perla Ceramic Tile has a brick-like look while the satin finish adds a subtle sheen to the surface. Suitable for using on walls, the Reprise Perla Tile is made from strong ceramic and has natural, non-rectified edges which help with that authentic stone aesthetic.

Made in Spain, this tile, when laid, has a minimalist appearance which will complement a range of décor, making it very versatile. The longer rectangular shape will also help to elongate your room, if you have a smaller space, making it appear bigger.

Another concrete-effect style is the Kite Marfil Matt Porcelain Tile, which has a more textured design, a subtle pattern giving this tile added depth compared to the plainer Reprise Perla Tile. This high-quality Spanish tile is another large-format rectangular style, this time with rectified edges for a more precise finish, meaning the tiles can be laid more closely together for a seamless look. Made from hard-wearing porcelain and with a modern matt finish, these tiles are another great choice if you like the concrete effect but prefer a slightly warmer tone and they’re suitable for using on both walls and floors.

The Kite Marfil Matt Porcelain Tile has a more textured look with added depth.

Mosaic stone-effect styles

If you prefer something a bit smaller for your tiles, however, then something like the Penny Nordic Stone Mosaic Sheet will bring that stone-effect design in a different format. These round, penny-shaped tiles have a grey colour palette which alternates between darker and lighter tones, along with a polished gloss finish which makes them easy to keep clean.

Providing a different aesthetic to larger format tiles, the penny-shaped style will add character to your bathroom with its smaller shape and the increased number of tiles that make up each sheet.

The circular style also give these tiles a natural, organic aesthetic while the stone-effect look delivers this theme in a more contemporary way.

Shop stone-effect tiles at Tileshack

If you’re looking for stone-effect tiling then we have a great selection available at Tileshack, with something to suit all budgets and tastes. From large-format and smaller-size tiles to matt and other finishes, you can choose the look which suits your style best.

Our expert team is also on hand to assist, should you need any advice or help in matching other tiles to your stone-effect selection. Whether you’re planning a renovation, have just moved house or have a self-build project underway, you’re sure to find the right tiles for your home at Tileshack.

To view our full range of tiles, visit and if you have any queries, just email us at, call us on (028) 9077 0188 or use our online chat.