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Get the look: Greenery-style tiles

With green tiles continuing to be a trend, there’s another look within this which is also gaining momentum – the greenery-style tile. Inspired by nature, greenery-style tiling features leafy patterns and brings the outdoors indoors for a more serene and relaxing space.

With a variety of greenery-style tiles available at Tileshack, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite designs to give you a little inspiration, if you’re thinking of incorporating this look into your home. Read to the end of the blog to find out what we recommend …

The Montmartre Ceil Fleurs Décor Rectified Tile.

Large-format leaf designs

The Montmartre Ceil Fleurs Decor Rectified Tile is an eye-catching large-format Spanish wall tile with rectified edges that deliver a precise, seamless aesthetic and a cohesive design.

With an overlapping leaf pattern in a mixture of blue, brown and grey tones set against a white background, this tile has a distinctive look that’s ideal for feature walls. With a modern matt finish, these high-quality tiles look stunning and are very hard-wearing, so will last you long into the future.

Another great greenery-style option is the Iron Tropic Brown Matt Tile, a large-format porcelain tile which is suitable for both walls and floors. The porcelain makes this a very durable tile while the rectified edges give a more precise finish, with minimal grouting required. As a result, the tiles can be laid closely together, creating a more seamless look and making the design even more dramatic.

The Iron Tropic tiles feature a striking leaf design which is available in both a brown and a green tone, with large fronds mixed with white lilies set against a white background. If you’re looking for a tile which combines an earthy colour palette with a nature-inspired design, then this is perfect for cultivating a calming ambience and can easily be matched with similar neutral tones. The matt finish also gives these tiles a contemporary aesthetic.

The Iron Tropic Brown Matt tile is a large-format porcelain tile with a greenery design.

Minimalist greenery-style tiles

If the leafy look isn’t quite for you but you’d still like to incorporate a nature-inspired style into your home, then simply going for green tiles without this more artistic element is another option. For example, the Mykonos Emerald Mosaic Sheet is a stunning gloss tile with mixed green tones which will add instant interest and character to your interior.

With a hexagon shape, these wall tiles feature alternating dark and lighter green tones across the tiles which adds depth and texture.

The Mykonos Emerald Mosaic Sheet features a mixture of green tones and has a gloss finish.

Another hexagonal tile, this time in a larger size, is the Palm Stripe Green Porcelain Hexagon Tile, a striking green tile with stripes running across the surface. These can be arranged in a variety of ways, creating a starburst pattern or facing in one direction, giving you different styling options.

Meanwhile, the colour of the tiles is a vibrant green which contrasts with the white stripe detailing to create a more eye-catching look. They’re also scratch-resistant, so are a good all-round investment.

The Palm Stripe Green Porcelain Hexagon Tile has a striking design.

The Metro Verde Bottle-green Biselado Brillo is another option for getting a greenery-inspired look without going for the leafy design effect. With a rich green tone, these gloss finish tiles are made from high-quality ceramic and can be laid in a variety of styles, including chevron, brick-style and in a straight horizontal or vertical format.

Ideal if you want to create a vibrant, visually interesting space, these tiles have a contemporary aesthetic and look great paired with warming brass accessories.

The Metro Verde Bottle-green Biselado Brillo Tile.

Known for being a calming colour, green is very restful and can have a balancing effect, so it’s perfect if you want to give your bathroom a more tranquil ambience. It looks great paired with neutrals – for example with wood-effect and timber – or, if you prefer a bolder look, can be contrasted with more colourful tones.

Darker hues like the Metro Verde Bottle-green tiles, meanwhile, can add drama and a pop of colour to interiors, with more muted green tones best if you prefer a more relaxed vibe.

Whatever your preference, we have a range of nature-inspired and greenery-style tiles to suit different interior designs, so if this is the look you want to achieve, we can help you get it.

If you’d like some advice on choosing greenery-inspired or any other tiles for your home, just drop into one of our showrooms and chat to our team. Alternatively, email us at, call (028) 9077 0188 or use our online chat.