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Get the look: Large-format marble-effect tiles

A popular look for bathrooms, the marble tile is one which will add instant opulence to any space – and the large-format variety is particularly popular right now, so is well worth a look if you’re considering the marble aesthetic. If you don’t have the budget for real marble, however, then a great alternative is marble-effect tiling, which combines the luxury marble look with all the advantages that come with tiles. Indeed, you can enjoy the benefits of materials such as robust porcelain, which is ideal for humid environments, while indulging in any one of the many fantastic marble designs available in this format.

In this blog we’ll subsequently focus on the different options when it comes to large-format marble-effect tiling – and the various benefits of both. You might just find some that will inspire your next interiors project …

Marble-effect tiles like the Atlantida Blue Polished Rectified Tile have a luxury look.

Why choose larger tiles for your bathroom?

There are various benefits to choosing larger tiles for your bathroom, including the fact that practically, you need fewer than if you were using smaller tiles. You can therefore save money, as you won’t need as many to tile your space, especially if you have a more compact bathroom.

Larger tiles are also great at making small rooms appear more spacious, so are a good idea if you’re trying to maximise space.

Key benefits of large-format tiles:

  • Create a sense of spaciousness, making small rooms appear bigger.
  • Fewer grout lines help to create a more seamless, flowing aesthetic. Rectified tiles also allow for closer laying, which further enhances this.
  • You won’t need as many to tile your room.
  • Easier to clean with minimal grout lines.
  • Dramatic appearance with the size, plus you can also really showcase bolder patterns.

Large-format marble-effect tiling can help to open up a space and make it appear airier.

Making a case for marble-effect tiling

If you haven’t tried marble-effect tiling before – or want to know why it’s such an inspired choice for your interior décor – then we’re here to explain why marble makes sense.

Luxury look: Marble has an opulent aesthetic and will evoke a spa-like look or that of a boutique hotel, instantly elevating to your space and making it feel that bit extra-special.

Feeling of spaciousness: Smooth lines and a gloss finish or sheen on the surface of the tiles can help to create a sense of space and make your interior feel bigger than it actually is. The marble-inspired design can enhance this.

Easy to care for and more robust: While real marble isn’t naturally waterproof and can be easily damaged, marble-effect tiles can be made from hard-wearing materials like porcelain and ceramic, which are ideal for humid environments and are more robust.

Cost-effective: If you want a luxury look for less, then marble-effect tiles are a no-brainer, as they deliver all the visual benefits of real marble without the higher cost. You can therefore create a truly special space without worrying about your budget.

Top looks for marble-effect tiling

If you want some inspiration for large-format marble-effect tiles, then we have a variety of great options available at Tileshack. Whether you like an earthier colour palette or prefer something with added vibrancy, there’s something to suit all tastes.

For example, the Caracalla Beige Porcelain Tile combines more natural tones, mixing a creamy base with richer sandy and coffee colours which swirl together to create a contemporary marble-inspired pattern. With a modern matt finish, these large-format tiles are also rectified, so have more precise edges and can be laid closer together, resulting in that seamless aesthetic. The porcelain material is also ideal for bathroom use, being incredibly robust and resistant to water, scratches and stains.

The Caracalla Beige Porcelain Tile has an earthier aesthetic.

The Onyx Turquoise Polished Rectified Tile is another large-format marble-effect tile which will bring luxuriousness to your interior. Suitable for both walls and floors, it has a smooth gloss finish, in contrast to the matt surface of the Caracalla tiles, which helps to reflect light and, together with the larger size and seamless look, creates a sense of spaciousness. These tiles are also rectified, so have more precise edges and can be laid closer to one another to give a cohesive aesthetic. The turquoise tone, meanwhile, features copper and white detailing throughout, patterning it to give that marble-effect appearance.

Ideal for feature walls or for creating a bold look throughout your bathroom, the Onyx Turquoise Polished Rectified Tiles will add elegance and visual interest to any space, along with that opulent aesthetic. The colour palette is also calming, with nature-inspired tones, so is great for helping to create a tranquil interior.

The Onyx Turquoise Polished Rectified Tile will add a pop of calming colour to your interior.

Another eye-catching marble-effect tile is the Brasilia Emerald Polished Rectified Porcelain Tile, which has a dark green base tone with gold and white veining detail running through it. This adds depth and texture to the tiles, which can be used on both walls and floors and are very easy to maintain, with that smooth gloss finish. They’re also another rectified tile so again, you can enjoy a seamless look with minimal grout lines.

Ideal for creating a visually interesting space, the Brasilia Tiles will bring instant opulence to your bathroom and set it off in style.

The Brasilia Emerald Polished Rectified Porcelain Tile has a striking emerald tone with white and gold veining detail.

If you prefer something paler, however, then something like the Marmori Carrara Luster Porcelain Rectified Tile is ideal, with a white background and light-grey veining detail running across the body of the tiles. These robust porcelain tiles have a modern matt finish, while they have rectified edges for a more precise look when laid, with narrower grout lines and a more cohesive aesthetic which creates that sense of space.

A very versatile option, the Marmori Carrera tile will complement a wide range of décor, with the neutral colour palette ideal for pairing with various other tones. Bringing you that luxury look in a classic style, these can be used on both walls and floors, so are very flexible.

The Marmori Carrara Luster Porcelain Rectified Tile has a classic white background with pale grey veining.

Marble-effect tiles for your home

If we’ve inspired you to consider large-format marble-effect tiles in your home, then Tileshack has a range of styles for you to choose from which will give you that luxury look for less. Whether you’re tiling an entire bathroom, want to create a striking feature wall, or would like marble-effect tiles for a kitchen or other interior, we have something to suit all tastes.

With both wall and flooring options available, you can create your dream space and transform your home with high-quality tiling that will last you for years to come.

To see our full range of tiles visit online. Alternatively, email us at, call (028) 9077 0188 or use our online chat if you need any assistance.