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Getting creative with artistic tiles

With 2024 tile trends bringing lots of colour and tones which demand attention, there are various ways to achieve an eye-catching look in your bathroom. Fulfilling more than a functional role, tiles are an integral part of interior décor and are increasingly seen as an artistic addition to most spaces.

With this in mind, 2024 is therefore gearing up to be all about getting creative with more artistic tiles – whether it’s a statement splash-back, wall, floor or anything else. If you want to make a statement in your bathroom, then getting arty is a great way to do it.

In this blog, we’ll subsequently be looking at how you can get creative with artistic tiles, so read to the end to find out our top tips and to see what tiles we recommend if you want to ‘get the look’.

Large-format nature-inspired tiles

The beauty of artistic tiles is that they don’t have to be bright and bold to make an impact. Whether you like a vibrant look or prefer something more muted, artistic tiling can be subtle, blending interesting aesthetics without relying on the bolder colour palettes.

Designed to be emotive and to transform not only your space but also how you feel within it, artistic tiles are those which bring something that little bit extra to your home. With the nature-inspired look still a popular trend, this has carried over into a range of artistic tiling inspired by the outdoors. With added flourish in designs and colour palettes, this is subsequently a great way to fuse art and nature for a more inspirational aesthetic.

The Montmartre Ceil Fleurs Décor Rectified Tile in Blue Ceramic combines an artistic look with a more muted colour palette.

For example, the Montmartre Ceil Fleurs Decor Rectified Tile in Blue Ceramic is a large-format rectangular wall tile which is ideal for creating that statement wall in your bathroom or elsewhere. With a white base tone overlaid with a pattern of blues and more neutral brown tones, this is a distinctive tile which embodies lots of artistic flair and will create a statement in any interior.

While the colour palette is made up of calming hues, the leaf-inspired design is allowed to take centre stage, resulting in an eye-catching pattern which delivers visual interest from the combination of both. The matt finish gives these tiles a contemporary edge, with the rectified finish giving them a precise, clean look which allows the tiles to be laid more closely together and results in a more seamless aesthetic.

Another nature-inspired tile with similar artistic flair is the Iron Tropic Brown Matt Rectified Porcelain Tile which again, has a white base tone, this time overlaid by a leaf and floral design with a more earthy colour palette.

Combining dark green tones with cream and brown, this large-format rectified tile can again be laid closer together, with minimal grouting required, creating that flowing aesthetic and delivering more visual impact.

With a rectangular shape and a modern matt finish, these tiles embody the artistic trend and will create a stunning feature wall in any interior.

The Iron Tropic Brown Matt Rectified Porcelain Tile has a dramtic leaf design which will create a statement in your room.

If the plant-based look isn’t for you, however, then a marble-effect tile is great for delivering luxury style without the hefty price tag. The Atlantida Blue Polished Rectified Tile mixes together rich blue, copper and white tones in a swirling design to give that marble-effect look and is another great example if you like something with more artistic flair.

With a smooth gloss finish, this large-format rectified tile will add lots of visual interest to your space and attract attention in all the right ways.

Add a luxury look with the Atlantida Blue Polished Rectified Tile.

Artistic mosaic tiling

You don’t have to go big when it comes to artistic tiling, however, so if you prefer something smaller then you can deliver just as much impact with much tinier tiles. Step forward the mosaic sheet.

The Gladys Square Mosaic Sheet has a vibrant colour palette.

Available in a range of shapes, including penny (circular), hexagonal and square, these tiles bring visual interest in both their design and finish.

The Gladys Square Mosaic Sheet Pattern Glass Tile combines square-shaped tiles with various patterns and tones, so is an inspired choice for a vibrant splash-back or feature area. Fusing burnt orange, red, blue, black, white and more, these tiles have a vibrant look, featuring various patterns amongst the varied tones. The result is a contemporary design which will add instant visual interest to your home.

Another eye-catching mosaic tile is the Hex Frisia Silver Non-slip Mosaic Sheet, which features hexagonal glass tiles with a blend of turquoise, silver, blue and creamy neutral tones.

With a matt finish, the glass still gives these tiles a subtle sheen, with the alternating colours flowing across the sheet to create an artistic pattern which will add depth and visual interest to your bathroom.

Great as splash-backs or for those feature walls around vanity units, the Hex Frisa Tiles are another good choice if you want to get creative in your home.

Create an eye-catching look with the Hex Frisa Silver Non-slip Mosaic Sheet Glass Tile.

The Atlantis Blue Mosaic Sheet in Blue Porcelain, meanwhile, has a bolder look, with a block blue tone and high-gloss finish, while the scallop shape makes these a quirky, interesting tile. Whether you style these tiles with the curves at the top, bottom or otherwise, they will create a compelling look which will immediately grab attention.

Paired with a white grouting, this creates a nice contrast and sets off the deep blue tone of the tiles even further. This designer mosaic tile is perfect for adding a touch of artistic interest to your space and the overall effect of smooth, organic curves and calming blue creates a tranquil ambience which is ideal for your bathroom.

Embrace the boldness of blue with the Atlantis Blue Mosaic Sheet.

Elevate your interior with our inventive tiling

When it comes to creative tiling ideas, there’s lots on offer at Tileshack, with designs like the Palm Stripe Green Porcelain Hexagon Tile portraying an Art Deco-effect style which will add instant elegance to your walls. The hexagonal shape, together with the vibrant green tone and the white striped pattern on the tiles, means you can lay these in various ways, creating your own artistic design with a starburst look or a more geometric-inspired aesthetic.

The Palm Stripe Green Porcelain Hexagon Tile can be styled in various ways, with a starburst pattern or with the stripes facing one direction.

The Olden Pink Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile, meanwhile, has a blush-pink base tone overlaid with a monochrome circular pattern which gives retro vibes and will bring an interesting aesthetic to your floor.

While creating feature walls is popular, taking the attention onto the floor is another great way to add visual interest to your room.

No matter what type of tiling takes your fancy, when it comes to getting creative with your tiling, there’s a wealth of choice in terms of designs, shapes and finishes, as well as the size of tile you chose.

Hopefully this blog has given you some inspiration for your own artistic tile ideas – and our team is always happy to help, should you need any further advice.

Top tips for getting creative with artistic tiles:

  • Be bold with colour or opt for more muted tones – artistic tiling doesn’t have to be bright and overtly vibrant as it’s all in the combination of design, finish and features. You can still achieve an eye-catching look without being overwhelmed by colour.

The Olden Pink Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile has a retro look.

  • Create a stunning feature wall or splash-back with mosaic tiling for a textured look or use large-format rectified tiles for a flowing, seamless aesthetic.
  • Choose on-trend nature-inspired floral and leaf design tiling to bring the outdoors indoors and evoke calming vibes. Pair a busier design like this on the wall with a plainer floor tile to really make the look stand out.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix colours and patterns – you can create contrast with different tones or choose complementary colours to create an impactful look which will add visual interest to your room. Picking patterns which are similar can also create an interesting look – it all depends on how bold you want to be!

If you’d like some advice on choosing artistic tiles for your bathroom, just drop into one of our showrooms and chat to our team. Alternatively, email us at, call (028) 9077 0188, or use our online chat.