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Staple tiles for your home

Practical, stylish, versatile and easy to keep clean, tiles are a feature in most homes, particularly in the bathroom and kitchen. With this in mind, we thought we’d take a look at some of our more popular tiles and those staple styles which crop up time and again.

Whether you’re tiling a splash-back, full set of walls, floors or feature areas, there are some tiles which will always be a sure-fire hit – and we’re here to share some of our favourites.

Read to the end of the blog to find out what they are, if you have any of these tiles in your home and whether you might just be inspired to get some if you don’t …

Metro tiles for splendid splash-backs

Consistently one of our most popular tiles, the metro or subway style is the go-to staple for splash-backs in bathrooms and kitchens, thanks to their simple, no-fuss design. Synonymous with subway systems and the London Underground, metro tiles have a classic rectangular shape and are commonly made from hard-wearing ceramic. They’re therefore incredibly durable and reliable tiles and are perfect for areas which get a lot of use.

While the traditional metro tile has a very distinctive look, there are also many variations these days which give even more choice if you want to go with this style. Indeed, you can choose from matt, gloss and satin finishes, along with an array of colours and detailing such as bevelled edges.

The Essenza Blue Shiny Metro Tile laid in the traditional horizontal brick bond style.

The Aqua Flat Verde Bottle-green Metro Tile laid in a vertical brick bond format.

You can also lay the tiles in various formations, the classic style being to lay them in the horizontal ‘brick bond’ format, where the tiles are staggered, each one laid halfway alongside the next to give that brick-wall effect. The vertical brick bond then takes this same style but has the tiles running vertically rather than horizontally across the wall.

Another option is to stack the tiles in horizontal or vertical formation without staggering, so the tiles are laid flush beside each other for a more streamlined look. This is known as a horizontal or vertical stacked bond and the grouting is therefore not staggered between the tiles.

The Pool Green Brick-effect Wall Tile laid in the horizontal stacked bond style.

Vertical and horizontal herringbone formations are also popular for walls and floors and can add further visual interest to your room. With this style, the tiles are angled at 45 degrees, running in an upward pattern in the vertical style or running horizontally, otherwise.

A diagonal herringbone look then sees the tiles placed both vertically and horizontally to create a step-like pattern, while the double-weave style sees the tiles laid horizontally and vertically in pairs.

The Gemstone Pyrite White Body Tile in Grey Ceramic laid in a vertical herringbone formation.

The Gemstone Pyrite White Body Tile in Grey Ceramic laid in a diagonal herringbone formation.

Marble-effect for a luxury look

Another tile staple is the marble tile or, more precisely, the marble-effect tile – because why not get the luxury look of marble without the hefty price tag …?

Our marble-effect tiles are always a popular choice with customers as they offer the same high-end aesthetic for a lower cost and are tiles which complement a wide range of décor so are, again, very versatile. Great for giving your interiors a spacious feel and for adding that opulent look, marble-effect tiling is available in an array of tile sizes and styles, so you can achieve this look in many different ways.

Large-format tiles are also great for creating that sense of space so, combined with a marble-effect design, these are ideal for smaller spaces as well as working extremely well in larger bathrooms and other interiors.

The Marmori Carrara Luster Porcelain Rectified Tile is a large-format marble-effect tile.

The Metro Carrara Biselado Brillo Ceramic Tile.

The Marmori Carrara Luster Poreclain Rectified Tile is a large-format rectangular tile with a modern matt finish which will add elegant style to your room, with a white background and light-grey veining detail for that all-important marble-effect look.

If you prefer something smaller, however, then you could combine the metro and marble-effect styles in the Metro Carrara Biselado Brillo Ceramic Tile. This Spanish tile has a white base tone with the grey marble-effect veining spread across the tiles to give it that classic look.

Warming wood-effect tiles

If marble isn’t to your taste and you want a warmer look, then another tile staple is the wood-effect style, which features authentic graining detail and gives you the look of real timber without any of the drawbacks. More cost-effective than real hardwood floors, wood-effect tiling won’t warp in humid environments, so are ideal for bathrooms and interiors where water is prevalent, like kitchens.

They can also be used with underfloor heating, so are more versatile in this regard as well, and, being tiles, are much easier to keep clean and to maintain, with high scratch and stain-resistance.

The Alberto Cedarwood Wood-effect Floor Tile has that authentic wood aesthetic with realistic graining detail and will bring a rustic nature-inspired look into your home. Perfect if you want to enjoy the effects of wood panelling but with all those benefits of tiles, you can instantly elevate your interior with these flattering tiles.

The Alberto Cedarwood Wood-effect Floor Tile has authentic graining detail.

Mosaic tile inspiration

Our final staple tile example is the mosaic tile – a small but mighty style which is popular for splash-backs and feature walls, as well as being great for floors. Available in a range of shapes, including penny, hexagonal and square, mosaic tiles are supplied in sheets, are very easy to fit and will create instant visual interest in any room.

The Arezzo Square Mosaic Sheet in Pattern Glass combines square-shaped tiles with a variety of designs which repeat across the sheet. These include monochrome honeycomb patterned tiles, along with blues, greys, copper and more, with both patterns and block colours for variety. The overall effect is a rich tapestry of tones and designs which creates an interesting aesthetic that will add instant character to your bathroom.

The Arezzo Square Mosaic Sheet in Pattern Glass features a mixture of patterns.

The Arezzo Square Mosaic Sheet in Pattern Glass makes an eye-catching feature wall.

If you prefer a more block colour style, however, then another mosaic tile option is the Penny Natureglass Turquoise Matte Non-slip Mosaic Sheet. This vibrant blue glass tile has a hexagonal shape and will create a stunning feature wall, the matt finish giving the tiles a contemporary look.

The Penny Natureglass Turquoise Matte Non-slip Mosaic Sheet.

Tiles for every interior

At Tileshack, we supply a wide range of high-quality tiling, with something to suit every preference and a variety of styles, finishes and colours available for great-value prices. Whether you’re looking for those staple tiles for your home or are seeking something a little bit different, we’re here to help you get the look you want.

Whether it’s tiling for splash-backs, feature walls, floors or elsewhere, our friendly team is always on hand to help.

For more tile inspiration, visit our website at Alternatively, email us at, call (028) 9077 0188, or use our online chat if you have any queries.