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Summer 2024 Tile Styles

If you’re approaching the summer season with renovation in mind – or are simply interested to know what’s trending in terms of tiling this year – then we’re here to give you an overview of the key looks.

Whether you want to refresh your bathroom or ensuite, have a new bathroom which needs tiled or are seeking inspiration for future projects, read to the end of the blog to discover what’s popular this season in the world of bathroom tiles …

Ramping it up with retro aesthetics

The first trend to take note of is one which takes us on a trip down memory lane – albeit with an updated twist. The retro look is all about incorporating patterns into your tiling, with geometric designs and pattern-drenching the way this particular trend seems to be playing out.

As such, this means combining contrasting tile styles to create a bold, dare we say it, clashing, aesthetic – and not shying away from mixing different patterns as well as colours. It may not be for everyone but could be a good look to experiment with in an ensuite or toilet room if you’d like to see how it might work in your home.

Floral tile designs are also part of this and tie in well with the vintage revival look, with leaf and various other foliage-inspired patterns big looks for this season. For example, the Montmartre Ceil Fleurs Decor Rectified Tile in Blue is a large-format rectangular wall tile which incorporates a variety of leaf designs to create a patterned tile with a layered look. Great for creating visual interest as well as adding depth and texture, the Montmartre tile also features a mixture of natural blue tones. These provide the core colour palette and are set against a white background, with brown tones also interspersed throughout.

The rectified edges of this tile mean it can be laid more closely together, minimising grout lines and resulting in a more seamless, flowing look for added impact.

Zoning in on tiling

Another key summer 2024 trend for tiles is for creating standalone areas or zones within the bathroom, where the tiles are only used in these spaces. For example, you may want to create a zone in your wet room/showering area or create a feature wall around the vanity unit. You could also combine a 2024 bathroom and tile trend and create a zoned tile area around your bath for a spot of ‘bathscaping’.

Tiled zones essentially provide accent colours within the bathroom, so warming colours such as earthy oranges, bronzes, browns and creamy yellows work well, as do rich, lush greens. If you prefer more neutral colours, however, then you can always add a pop of colour throug accessories like taps or mirrors - or via artwork.

Half-tiled walls are another way of doing the zoned look and again, can be done around vanities or in certain areas that you want to make a feature of.

The Mykonos Emerald Mosaic Sheet is a hexagonal tile with a smooth gloss finish and deep emerald tone which varies in intensity across the sheet, mixing darker and lighter shades of green to create a more textured effect. These designer tiles will add depth and instant visual interest to your bathroom with their shape and finish, while also tying in with the natural trend and those rich colour palettes. Again, they’re ideal for using in feature areas or for those half-tiled walls.

The Mykonos Emerald Mosaic Sheet has a rich green tone which undulates across the tiles.

Pick-me-up pastels

Another current trend – as seen on TikTok – is that of ‘dopamine décor,’ which essentially refers to interior design that boosts our mood and invigorates us with vibrant block tones. Within this, pastels have subsequently re-emerged as a popular tile choice, with these soft soothing shades being suitably uplifting and having that feel-good effect.

The Palm Striped Hexagon Decor Pink Porcelain Tile is a stylish wall and floor tile with a modern matt finish which fits perfectly into the pastel trend. Available in a range of different tones, this hexagonal-shaped tile has a geometric striped design which runs across the surface and can be styled in a variety of ways, so you can enjoy a range of patterns.

With various colour options including pastel pink, green and a richer mustard, there are a range of options within this style. Meanwhile, being able to arrange them in different ways - for example, creating a starburst pattern or pointing the stripes in one direction - makes them more versatile and gives you the opportunity to get creative.

The Palm Striped Hexagon Décor Pink Porcelain Tile in mustard.

Natural tiling for a calming aesthetic

Tiles which enhance our mood and promote a sense of calmness and general wellbeing are also being seen in the nature-inspired tile trend which continues to dominate this year. Within this, green tiles and foliage-inspired patterns and designs are particularly popular and are ideal if you want to create a calm, tranquil environment.

The Garden Décor Green Wall Tile embodies this trend prefectly and features a large leafy pattern with a white background and pale green colour palette. Also feeding into the pastel tile trend, these large-format tiles have a contemporary matt finish and will complement a range of décor thanks to those lighter tones.

The Garden Décor Green Wall Tile has a pale green leaf design.

Luxury escapism

As somewhere we go to relax and unwind, our bathrooms are places of sanctuary, so it makes sense that we want to feel comfortable and pampered. The luxury look is therefore another trend for this summer – again, continuing on from last year – with opulent marbles and onyx tiles, decadent dark tones and polished gloss tiles all fitting into this trend. Meanwhile, adding accents of rich gold and brass detailing, along with other metallics, is another way of bringing the luxury aesthetic to your bathroom.

If you want to indulge in a luxury look for less, then marble-effect tiles are a great option, with something like the Patmos Pulido Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile perfect if you want to elevate your bathroom. These large-format tiles are also rectified, so can be laid more closely together to create a more seamless, flowing look, while the gloss finish reflects light and will help to make your bathroom seem spacious.

With a white background, the grey veining detail running across the tiles adds texture and depth to the design, while these tiles will also work well with a variety of décor. Suitable for use on both walls and floors, this means you can also use them throughout your bathroom as preferred, in what's known as surface-drenching - another trend for this year.

The Patmos Pulido Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile has a luxury marble-effect design.

Spa style for restorative spaces

In a similar theme, the luxury look can also merge into another 2024 summer trend – that of creating spa-like bathrooms where we can retreat and feel restored. A trend which shows no signs of slowing down, the spa style is all about cultivating a bathroom space which is clean and uncluttered – somewhere to escape from the busyness of our lives.

As such, many of this summer’s trends can be incorporated into this look, with nature-inspired tones, marble and lighter colour palettes all ideal for creating the look, along with textured tiles and those which evoke a sensory experience. Underfloor heating is another way to do this and can be installed underneath most tiles.

Grey is a very soothing tone and the Reprise Perla Ceramic Tile has a gentle grey colour palette which, together with its large rectangular size and soft satin finish, is ideal for creating that spa-like vibe. The satin surface has a slight sheen and silky texture which adds to the sensory aesthetic as well as a feeling of opulence, while also be understated enough not to overpower with its design. Meanwhile, the grey tone has a calming vibe and is perfect for recreating the relaxing, tranquil ambience of a spa.

The Reprise Perla Ceramic Tile has a calming grey tone and is ideal for creating spa-like vibes.

Find your perfect summer tiles at Tileshack

If you’ve been suitably inspired by any of this summer’s tile trends, then we have a fantastic range available at Tileshack which will help to transform your bathroom into the ideal relaxing space. Whether you want to combine a few of the key trends for this year or simply prefer to focus on one, we have a fantastic selection of tiling in a range of sizes, colours and finishes, with something to suit every taste.

From large designer tiles and greenery styles to pastel tones and patterned tiles which will create depth and add texture to your bathroom, there’s plenty to choose from. Meanwhile, our friendly team is always on hand to assist with any queries you might have, so if you need any help with choosing tiles for your home, then feel free to get in touch. The perfect summer bathroom is only ever a few clicks away …

To browse our range of tiles, visit and if you have any queries, just email us at or you can call us on (028) 9077 0188 or use our online chat.