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Tiles with a marine theme

With blue being one of the key colours for tiles going into 2024, one way to interpret this trend within your bathroom is to go for a marine theme style. This can take a variety of forms – for example, making blue the obvious central tone – but there’s plenty of scope for experimenting with different designs and interpreting the theme more widely.

If you’re thinking about updating your bathroom décor or are currently planning a new bathroom and need some inspiration, then read to the end of the blog for some great nautical-related bathroom tile ideas …

Nautical and nice tile styles

Think ‘nautical’ and ‘marine’ and the first colour which likely springs to mind is, of course, blue, as already alluded to. However, as with all trends and styles, you can interpret a concept in all sorts of creative ways, taking the initial idea as inspiration for a jumping-off point.

Before we get to that, though, let’s look at some of the more obvious tile choices if you want to get that straight-up marine-inspired look for your bathroom.

The scallop-shaped style of the Atlantis Blue Mosaic Sheet perfectly encapsulates the marine theme and has an eye-catching layered look which will add detail and texture to your interior. It also features that striking blue shade which, combined with the high-gloss finish, makes a real statement and will instantly brighten up your bathroom.

Paired with white grout, this tile has a refreshing aesthetic and the crackle-effect detail on the body of the tiles adds depth. The tiles can also be laid with the curves facing downwards or upwards as you prefer.

A close-up of the crackle-effect detail on the Atlantis Blue Mosaic Sheet.

The Atlantis Blue Mosaic Sheet has a pretty scallop-shaped design.

Staying with the mosaic-style tiling, the Penny Arrecife Blue Mosaic Sheet is another tile which will add character and visual interest to your bathroom with its distinctive look. Made up of small, circular glass tiles, this designer option evokes a clear sense of the ocean, the blue tone subtly lightening and deepening across the tiles to give the impression of water.

Ideal if you want to adopt the marine tile trend, these tiles have a smooth, gloss finish, so are also very easy to clean and will make great splash-backs or feature walls.

The Penny Arrecife Blue Mosaic Sheet.

If you prefer a darker tone, however – something which conjures up the oceanic depths and brings a moodier vibe – then the Aqua Flat Navy Metro Tile is an inspired choice. Featuring the ever-popular metro/subway style design, these tiles have a rich navy tone and a glossy finish which adds that all-important depth.

Suitable for laying in a variety of ways – either vertically, as pictured, or horizontally, brick-effect style or in a chevron pattern – the metro tile is very versatile and delivers clean lines and a modern aesthetic.

Again, paired with a contrasting white grout to make the colour pop, the Aqua Flat Navy Metro Tile will make a statement in your room for all the right reasons.

The Aqua Flat Navy Metro Tile.

A creative take on the nautical tile trend

Taking a slightly different approach to the marine theme, the Pool-green Brick-effect Wall Tile has a rectangular shape with a gloss finish and an attractive green colour palette which evokes the seaweed-green of the ocean.

This high-quality Spanish wall tile has an undulating tone which promotes a sense of calm and will transform your bathroom into a relaxing, serene space. Perfect if you want to create a tranquil environment which has nature-inspired aesthetics, this easy-to-clean tile has an organic style and is also very hard-wearing.

The Pool-green Brick-effect Wall Tile.

Combining a range of tones evocative of the coast and therefore also tying neatly into the marine theme in a more creative way, the Hex Frisia Silver Non-slip Mosaic Sheet meanwhile, is comprised of quirky hexagonal-shaped tiles. Mixing sandy gold with silver, dark grey, turquoise and sea-blue, the overall effect is a stunning and visually interesting look which has plenty of character and will match a range of décor. Indeed, you can pick out your preferred tones from the mosaic sheet and incorporate these into your wider bathroom design, with lots of potential for mixing and matching styles.

The matt finish of the Hex Frisa Mosaic Sheet gives these tiles a modern look, while the strong glass ensures durability.

The Hex Frisa Silver Non-slip Mosaic Tile.

Delivering a textured sandy effect, meanwhile, the Tinia Natural Porcelain Rectified Matt Tile has a natural colour palette and can be paired with more colourful tiles, such as those mentioned above, if you want to create that contrast. These tiles once again give you the chance to experiment with the marine theme in an alternative way, taking another element within this and elevating it.

A hard-wearing porcelain tile that’s suitable for both walls and floors, the Tinia design has a modern matt finish and a speckled pattern reminiscent of sand – the combination of which works in harmony. The rectified edges also mean that these tiles can be laid more closely together, with minimal grout lines, therefore delivering a seamless and cohesive aesthetic.

The Tinia Natural Porcelain Rectified Matt Tile is reminiscent of sand.

If you like this natural look then the large-format Caracalla Beige Porcelain Tile is another beautiful tile, with warming creamy tones and a marble-effect swirl design which has a wave-like aesthetic. A wall and floor tile, the Caracalla has those clean lines and precise finish with the rectified edges, which results in a flowing design when laid. Meanwhile, the large size will make your room appear more spacious and is great for both small and large bathrooms.

The matt surface further adds that contemporary aesthetic along with texture which is enhanced by the marble-effect design.

The Caracalla Beige Porcelain Tile.

These are just some examples of how you might like to incorporate the marine theme into your bathroom with distinctive tiles which will create a calming, relaxing ambience. Whether you’re a fan of the smaller mosaic look or prefer large-format tiles with precise edges, we have a wide range of tiling at Tileshack with something to suit all tastes.

As well as this, if you need any inspiration when it comes to pairing certain tiles, then our expert team is always happy to assist. From recommending modern tile styles to more classic looks or something which takes inspiration from both, we’ll help you find the tiles to make your bathroom into the ideal space.

If you’d like some advice on choosing marine theme tiles for your home, just drop into one of our showrooms and chat to our team. Alternatively, email us at, call (028) 9077 0188 or use our online chat.