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Timeless Tile Patterns

In the world of interior design, trends constantly shift and change, adapting and building upon previous styles and colour combinations. However, within this there remain staple designs and looks which endure over time, usually with a little updating and tweaking to remain relevant.

The following blog will subsequently take a look at some timeless tile patterns, so read to the end to discover more about these core looks. You might even have some of them yourself, at home – or get some inspiration for your next interior design project …

Transform your interiors with staple styles

The tile patterns you choose can instantly elevate the aesthetic of any space and classic styles are therefore ideal if you want interiors which won't date easily or need updated often. Some timeless tile patterns which continue to be popular include:

Herringbone: Arranging rectangular tiles in a Herringbone pattern gives a staggered zig-zag effect which adds depth and texture to floors and walls, as well as visual interest. This patterning works well with both large-format and smaller subway/metro tiles, so i quite versatile.

For example, the Aspen Oak Herringbone Porcelain Tile in Wood-effect combines the popular wood-effect look with the herringbone pattern when laid to create a stunning floor or wall design. This hard-wearing Spanish tile features authentic graining and has a modern matt finish, all working together to create a visually interesting aesthetic.

Subway/metro: Subway or Metro tiles are a much-loved classic which can be arranged in a number of ways to create eye-catching looks, making them another versatile choice. Loved for their straight, clean lines and aesthetically pleasing simple rectangular shape, metro tiles can be laid in a brickwork-effect style, stacked vertically or horizontally, or be arranged in a herringbone design. Some also have bevelled edges for added texture and depth and they’re available in a wide range of finishes and colours, so can be used in any interior.

The Metro Verde Bottle-green Biselado Brillo Ceramic Tile has the classic metro aesthetic with a very on-trend green colour palette, which seamlessly marries the traditional with the modern to great effect. This eye-catching tile will make a bold statement in your bathroom, either on a feature wall or if you use it to surface-drench, with the gloss finish giving it a classic sheen and making it easy to wipe clean. Bevelled edges also add character and dimension to these tiles, as well as a contemporary style and further visual interest.

The Metro Verde Bottle-green Biselado Brillo Ceramic Tile has a smooth, gloss finish and a contemporary green tone, with bevelled edges adding further texture and detail to the tiles.

Hexagon: With a classic appeal, hexagonal tiles have had a modern upgrade with new patterns, colours and textures, including metallic accents, floral designs and more. Available in both large and small sizes, they can be laid in uniform grids or staggered for a quirkier pattern and are great for using on feature walls or splashbacks.

If you like the monochrome look then the Ebru Shiny Hexagon Tile in Black provides the perfect mix of contemporary black and white colour palette, along with a visually interesting design in the classic hexagonal tile shape.

The Ebru Shiny Hexagon Tile in Black has a vibrant monochrome design which, combined with the large-format hexagonal shape of the tiles, creates a striking aesthetic.

The effect when laid is an eye-catching pattern which will add depth and detail to your interior, with the design on the tiles further bringing texture and character. The large-format size, meanwhile, along with the smooth gloss finish make these tiles stunning aesthetically and will make a bold statement.

Suitable for both walls and floors, again, you can surface-drench your space by laying the tiles throughout the room – or create a feature wall where they act as a focal point.

Mosaic: Composed of smaller tiles for a more detailed patterned look, mosaic sheets often feature glossy glass pieces and there are also many metallic styles now available, for a more contemporary look. Arranged into intricate designs, they’re another tile which are perfect for splashbacks, feature walls or creating a statement area in your room, with both floor and wall varieties available. Within this style there are also hexagonal, square and penny-shaped tiles to choose from, making it another versatile option.

The Penny Print Mosaic Sheet is made from strong glass and features a colourful mixture of amber, blue, grey and creamy tones, creating a visually interesting pattern which changes as the eye sweeps over it. The gloss finish reflects light and gives them a subtle sheen while also making them easy to wipe clean. Meanwhile, the circular, penny-shaped style of the tiles gives that classic aesthetic. The Hex Habana Copper Mosaic Sheet, meanwhile, incorporates contemporary metallic accents with the use of copper tiles, which add texture and striking detail to this mosaic design.

The Penny Print Mosaic Sheet features a mixture of vibrant colours.

The Hex Habana Copper Mosaic Sheet has metallic accents.

Checkerboard: With a distinctive design, checkerboard tile patterns usually alternate contrasting colurs with square-shaped tiles and have a traditional aesthetic which comes with a contemporary twist in newer styles. This tile patterning can create a more textured, interesting space and add artistic flair to interiors.

The Arezzo Square Mosaic Sheet is an example of the checkerboard style and has a satin finish which gives it a subtle sheen while the design features a variety of patterning and colours spread across small square-shaped tiles. The overall effect is very visually striking, while the design and colour mix adds texture and depth to these tiles.

The Arezzo Square Mosaic Sheet has a checkerboard pattern and mixes various colours and designs.

The Arezzo Square Mosaic Sheet

Diagonal: Diagonal tile patterns are another classic style and can help to make a space appear larger, with tiles laid at a 45-degree angle to the walls to create diagonal lines across the floor or wall surface. This pattern works well with square or rectangular tiles and will add a visually interesting and dynamic touch to any room.

Whatever type of tile you want for your home, hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration for classic patterns which you can use in both traditional and more contemporary spaces. At Tileshack, we supply a wide range of tiles, with lots of great designs, colours and finishes available. So, if you want to transform your interiors with some stylish new looks, then check out our range in-store and online.

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