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How to take the perfect bathroom photos


Here at Bathshack, we love seeing photos of how you’ve used our products in your bathrooms – and we often feature these in our case studies as well as sharing customer pictures on our social media channels. There’s nothing better than completing a project and then showing your hard work to friends and family – and sharing photographs online is a quick and easy way to do this. 

If you want to show off your bathroom in its best light, then we have a few top tips to help you take high-quality photos that will wow. Read to the end of the blog to find out what we recommend – and don’t forget to share your photos with us by tagging @bathshack on Instagram! 

When photographing your bathroom, choose the right style of shot to suit the subject and soften it with accessories.

Capturing brilliant bathrooms

While you can certainly use a professional camera to take photos of your bathroom, the reality is that your phone can deliver great photographs as well, if you consider what you’re doing. Wide-angle lenses for cameras are a great investment for those wow factor shots which seem to fit everything in, but even smart phones now come with wide-angle features.

So, whether you feel confident with the camera/phone or not, if you bear the following points in mind, you too can take quality photos that you’ll be happy to share online.

Tidy your bathroom before taking photos, checking that towels and toilet rolls, etc. are neatly arranged.

Clean your lens: A basic thing to begin with but you might be surprised by how many people forget to do this! Always clean your camera or phone lens before taking any snaps, as grimy lenses result in blurry, hazy photos which lack that picture-perfect sharpness and definition

Clean your bathroom: Another cleaning task … Before taking any bathroom photos we would recommend giving it a quick once-over to ensure there are no stains or spillages. Tidy toilet rolls and towels (no messy towels thrown over radiators or on the floor!) and just generally make sure everything looks neat and tidy so you can show your bathroom off at its best. It’s also a good idea to keep your toilet seat closed, as this will show off its shape better and is more aesthetically pleasing than an open bowl.  

Clear the clutter: This also links into the point above, but this is more in terms of removing any obstacles or items which might obstruct the view when you’re taking a photo. Setting up the space so it’s ready to shoot will allow people to see everything properly.

Dress the room: While you want your bathroom to look neat and tidy, subtly accessorising the space will give it a softer look and also show that it’s a lived-in space, making it appear less sterile. So, if you’ve just completed your project, don’t forget to add items such as towels (neatly displayed, of course!), a soap dispenser or a vase of flowers (depending on your personal preferences) to dress the room. This will also add texture and visual interest alongside the bathroom-ware.

Lighting: Well-lit spaces are key for good images so always make sure there’s as much natural lighting in your bathroom as possible. Artificial lighting can also be used to enhance the space but avoid using the flash on your camera as this can create strong shadows. With all of this in mind, take your photos during the day and, if possible, on a brighter day to maximise that natural lighting.

Composition: How you frame your photographs is another key element to a successful photo shoot, as you want to ensure that you show off your bathroom to its best advantage. Work out what will fit in the frame and try to get as much of the bathroom-ware fitted into one shot, for an overview of how it looks as a whole. This will let people see the overall layout of the room and how it’s been styled. You can then zoom in on specific features and areas, such as a feature wall, a close-up of the vanity area, bath or shower etc. to show off the detail.

Taking a picture which shows as much of the bathroom as possible will give an overview of the design and layout.

Keep your camera level: Experimenting with different camera angles will allow you to see what works best but always bear in mind that keeping your camera level will create better shots. A tripod is useful here, or you can turn on the grid feature on your smart phone to help you line things up and keep everything on an even plane.

Photographing mirrors adds visual interest and depth but be sure to avoid snapping your reflection!

Use mirrors to add depth and interest: Photographing mirrors will give a more visually interesting shot of your bathroom, as they will reflect other parts of the space in the glass, adding depth. However, be mindful of where you position yourself when taking a picture of mirrors – and do your best to avoid your own reflection being captured. For example, you can stand off to the side and angle the camera to avoid this.

Editing: While it can be fun to edit your photos afterwards, take care not to overdo it, as you can over-saturate images and warp them with extreme lighting effects. A slight enhancement to brighten them may be enough and, if you’re sending them to us for inclusion in case studies then it’s easier for us to edit these, if necessary, rather than try to work with an already edited image.

Portrait-style imagery is good for capturing close-ups of features such as basins and taps as pictured here.

Landscape and portrait-style imagery: Taking a mixture of photograph styles will add interest and allow you to better capture shots of certain areas. Portrait works well for a close-up of a tap, for example, while a landscape photograph is better for snapping a bath or getting in that wide-angle shot. Again, you can experiment with what works best but a mixture is always good.

Landscape images provide a wider angle for including more details.

Share your photos with Bathshack!

If you’re taking photographs of your new bathroom or have added some Bathshack bathroom-ware or tiles to your home, then we’d love to see your images. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram and we might even get in touch to feature you on our blog as a case study.

We look forward to seeing your photos. Happy snapping!

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